At 2nd Family we care about the work we do, our community and the people we serve. Interested in owning a 2nd Family in-home care franchise? Learn some of the qualities that make for an ideal franchisee candidate.


You want to make a positive impact in your community

2nd Family is currently offering franchise opportunities in regions near Maryland, including surrounding states and metro areas, such as Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. It would be beneficial if our franchisees already have some established relationships within their community. Click to see franchise locations for 2nd Family Home Care.


You have the skills, experience, and the desire to learn

All franchisee candidates should have the skills and experience necessary to learn and execute the 2nd Family concept. These candidates should have the hard and soft skills necessary to excel at the 2nd Family franchise owner. Franchisees should demonstrate some experience in sales and marketing, as well as the ability to manage daily operations. Management experience is also important, since they will need to build an organization with a large staff, and will need to be capable of hiring and supervising employees, conducting performance assessments and developing an infrastructure to support the team.

To help ease the transition into becoming a 2nd Family franchise owner, we have developed a comprehensive in-home care franchise business model with advanced technology, innovative processes, and exceptional franchisee training.


You want to live by “The Grandma Rule”

Franchisees must also demonstrate a commitment to uphold the brand’s highest service standards, including an ethical approach, and a genuine commitment to clients and their families. We live by “The Grandma Rule.” If we wouldn’t send a caregiver into our own grandmother’s home, we will not send them into a client’s home. Our clients deserve nothing less.

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The 2nd Family in-home care franchise provides world-class care to seniors in need. The company built its name on trust and the “Grandma Rule.” According to, one of the largest consumer ratings and reviews sites for senior care and services in the U.S. and Canada, families have rated 2nd Family one of the best companies for in-home care. Learn more about starting your own caregiving franchise.