Meet the Owners of 2nd Family Home Care and Support Services

2nd Family was founded by two cousins, Josh Markland and Chad Tracey. They were looking for elder care for their aging grandmother and were dissatisfied with their options. As they wanted to provide their grandmother with the best treatment they could, they knew they only had one option: to work together to create a new brand of home care.

Thus, 2nd Family was created out of Chad and Josh’s need for exceptional care for their grandmother. They built 2nd Family on the cornerstone of The Grandma Rule: “Would I trust this person to care for my grandma one-on-one in her home?” Our owners thought this only made sense, as they were making a company to better treat those in their grandmother’s situation and intended to hold all employees to the same high standard.

The Need for Better Senior Care

Our owners work out of a home office in Eldersburg, Maryland so that they can be most integrated with their community. It’s in our name — 2nd Family, which is what we hope to be for our clients. For our owners, it’s not enough to just provide care — it’s necessary that we are a part of our customers’ lives as well. Elder care should not feel corporate or lifeless, as the central idea of the business is improving the lives of others.

The owners of 2nd Family have worked hard and seen success in their methods. As a company, we’ve received the Best of Home Care Award from for two years in a row, an honor only the top one percent of senior care providers receive across the country.

Franchise With 2nd Family

Our owners are confident in their vision and are ready to expand. That’s where you come in. As a in home care franchisee, you’d be joining Chad and Josh as they work to improve the senior care industry. After all, the field is not limited to making sure the needs of the elderly are met — it’s taking care of them as people and assuring that they continue to live a life of high quality. Again, consider our owners’ Grandma Rule to enlist the right people to make sure the elderly are treated well.

Chad and Josh have expanded throughout Maryland and are committed to providing more senior home care for individuals with the same needs as their grandmother. If you are in Northern Virginia or the Washington D.C. metro area and are interested in making positive change with regard to senior in home care, contact us to learn more about homecare franchising opportunities available in your area.