Hi, and welcome to 2nd Family’s video series on how to start your own senior home care company. My name is Josh Markland, and today we’re going to talk about technology.



Alright, let me paint a picture for you. Your senior home care business is up and running. You’ve got roughly 30 clients, over a hundred caregivers, and you service nearly 500 shifts per month. On top of all of that, every week you’re hiring five new caregivers and you’re meeting with three new families to bring them on as new clients.

Now, with all of that going on, how do you keep from becoming a bumbling, disorganized mess? One word…


At 2nd Family, we’ve spent a lot of time finding the right software to make this company run like a well-oiled machine. We’ve got scheduling software, billing software, payroll software; our caregivers even use software to clock in and out of their shifts, enter shift logs, and to view their care plans. Even our new client intakes are done paperlessly.

Wait, is paperlessly a word?

Anyway, you get the point – we really like technology. It makes everyone’s life so much easier. Plus, our families get a much better user experience. For example, each family gets access to our family portal. Within the family portal they can view the schedule, see a picture of the caregiver who’s coming, and see past shift data to know who came and what they did while they were there.

As part of our franchise program, we’ll help get you set-up with all of the same state-of-the-art technology that we use here at 2nd Family. From finding caregivers all the way through to providing care, we’ll have you up and running like a well-oiled machine in no time at all.

For more information on our franchise program, check us out at 2ndFamilyFranchise.com.