How to Start a Senior Home Care Business – Sales Overview

Hello, and welcome back to 2nd Family’s video series on how to start your own home care company. My name is Chad Tracey, and today we’re gonna talk about getting new clients…

…about business development…

…about developing your business to get more business…

I’m just gonna go ahead and use the big “S” word, so here goes: Today we’re gonna talk about SALES.

Everybody OK?

Clearly sales is important to any business. Without sales you have no customers, and without customers you have no business. So obviously developing a strong sales department is vital to your company. One of the reasons you may elect to buy a franchise is because you don’t have to figure this out alone. Specifically in the senior home care business, the sales process is actually a two-step process.

Step one, and what I like to call the sales funnel, is making relationships with professionals; people such as doctors or nurses. And you need to determine if these people can actually refer you business. So how do you do that? Well, you develop a relationship with them. Basically you need to make friends with them. So, making friends with people isn’t so scary, right?

So once you begin making these relationships, these referral sources should be able to give you contact information for people who could use your services. We’ll call this a lead. And once you have leads coming in, you should be able to move on to the next step of the sales process, which is converting the lead. As you begin talking to these leads, you’re gonna want to hear the stories of these families and why they became interested in your senior home care services. You want to become a sounding board and listen to their problems and help explain why maybe you could help them in their lives. This is ultimately all about building trust, and if you do that you can gain their business.

So, the final part in the sales cycle is converting that lead into a client. And once you convert that lead into a client it’s very important for you to go back to that original referral source that gave you the name of that person who became a client. You want to do this for two reasons: Number one, you want to be able to get more face time with this person. But number two, you want to report back and let them know that things are going very well and this is going to lead them to feeling more comfortable about using your services in the future, and it’s going to lead to more and more referrals down the line.

Look, I know what you’re thinking…this sounds like a complicated process. But don’t worry, at 2nd Family’s franchise program we’re gonna teach you everything there is to know to develop your own sales department. We’re gonna help you identify the referral sources within your area, and which key employees you need to focus on that can refer you business. We’re also going to help you communicate with your families, listening to their concerns, overcoming the objections, and definitely how to distinguish yourself from the competition.

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